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    UUSDBA Web Site Committee
    Web Site Managers:
    Judy Gordon and Joanne Kennedy

    Programs sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Society are listed below


    Explorations/Life Long Learning

    Other Program Offerings


    Dessert/Discussion Group

    First Friday Pot Luck

    UUSDBA Board Meeting

    The following programs meet at the UU facility and are led by UU members

    Course in Miracles

    Writers' Group

    The following groups rent space from the UU for their meetings

    Buddhist Group

    Insight Meditation

    Yoga with Laurie Ring

    The Unitarian Universalist Society's committees and activities are described below.

    For more information on these or other activities,contact the UU Society in Ormond Beach, FL.

    or refer to the booklet "Our Congregation"

    Building and Grounds Committee

    The Building and Grounds Committee oversees the general maintenance and care of our new facility and the adjoining property which consists of a relatively untouched, forested natural dune line. It is a pride of the congregation and serves as an anchor for our shared interests and beliefs. Chairman: Ron Watkins

    Caring Committee

    The Caring Committee's mission is, primarily, to make visits to those who are home bound or hospitalized, make phone calls, send notes and, in general, lend a helping hand.

    Specifically we:

      Visit and provide companionship.
      Prepare and deliver an occasional meal.
      Provide transportation for medical visits.
      Shop for and deliver groceries or medications.
      Suggust community resources for long-term care if asked to do so.
      When family members are not available, we may play an advocacy role with members of the health care professions.
      Sponsor helpful programs to the community offering information on Living Wills and the Durable Power of Attorney.

    The Caring Committee meets at 10:30 a.m. on the first Thursday of each month with an agenda that addresses the names of people in our congregation who are in need of help.

    When the chairperson of the Caring Committee learns of sickness, hospitalizations, death, or other life-altering events, the information is dispatched immediately to all members of the Caring Committee. Matters of an extreme nature are communicated to the entire congregation in a timely manner.

    The current chairperson for the Caring Committee is Joan Thate.

    Barbara Everleigh oversees Memorial Services and Receptions, assisted by Members of the Alliance


      2013-2014 Finance: Steve Segner, Chair; additional Members are Chris Gruner, Lorell Remington, Bill Ternent, Bob Schere, Cliff Jackson, Phil Elliot, and Ellen Nielsen.

      The following are only guidelines. Each individual circumstance is different and there are no set rules for generosity in this congregation.

      Pledge Calculator

      UUA Guidelines for pledge giving

      Fund Raising

      Currently there is no chairperson.

      Membership Committee

      Chairperson: Phil Elliot

      Our religion's roots are in the Judeo-Christian traditions but there is no requirement for our members to acknowledge a creed, or a statement of beliefs, to attain membership. In fact quite a few of our members are associated with many of the world religions, and each is encouraged to find his/her own theology based on life experiences. We celebrate our diversity which unites us.

      Membership is accomplished by a person's signing the Membership Book in the presence of the minister or a member of the Board of Trustees. This act of commitment has a solemn significance. It commits the individual to the support and participation in congregation affairs and the congregation to involve the individual in congregational matters.

      More information is available from our Membership Chairperson:Phil Elliot will be happy to talk with you.

      Membership meetings are held at 5 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month.

      The Membership Committee's mission is facilitating the integration of the congregation and honoring the members.

      In particular, we

        Will help all members find ways to get involved. Welcome newcomers and help them get acquainted.
        WIll continually look for new members to maintain the size of our congregation. If we want to grow, we must follow through with a membership program.
        Hold orientation for newcomers who wish to know more about Unitarian Universalism. New comer classes help visitors and new members get connected, and hopefully make them more committed to our congregation.
        Organize and execute membership ceremonies for new members at least twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Organize and execute anniversary ceremonies for our members of many years.
        Contact those friends and members who haven't been seen recently, to invite them back.

      For more information contact the UU Society in Ormond Beach, FL.

      Program Committee

      This committee consists of members from the congregation and the Chair appointed by the President. The current chairperson is Dan Gribbin.
      Responsibilities of the Committee are:

      When the Minister Is Present:
      Assist the Minister, as requested, in the presentation of the Sunday services and coordinate the service leaders, music, sound system and any other extra additions to the service.

      When the Minister Is Absent:
      Provide a diversity of speakers for Sunday services. The committee seeks to present speakers who will be of interest to our congregation and the general public.
      On these Sundays the committee works with the presenter to plan a complete Sunday service suitable to the speaker's subject.

      One of the goals of this committee is to involve members in the presentation of our services.

        Public Relations Committee

        This committee is responsible for all media and community relations, as well as over-seeing design and concept in concert with the vision of our Society. This may also involve fund raising.
        UU PUBLICITY REQUEST - to request publicity for UU activities, go to the Site Index, click on Publicity Request Form and follow instructions to complete form. Forms work only with Office 2007.

        Any events that require publicity go through this committee and appropriate media action is taken. Chairperson: Phil Elliot

        Religious Education Committee

        Our Religious Education Committee supports learning opportunities for both children and adults.
        To learn more about our Life Long Learning collaborative for adults see Explorations. Life Long Learning

        Childcare and Religious Education classes are offered for all ages during the service. To learn more about our programming for children see RE Main Page. RE main page

        Right Relations Team
        It's inevitable that differences and disagreements will occur in every community, including religious communities. Resolving disagreements, if done respectfully, can strengthen relationships and enhance a congregation’s sense of being a caring community. Right Relationships are caring and respectful. But sometimes differences are expressed in a way that are harmful, hurtful, and wrong.

        The purpose of the Right Relations Team is to call any member of the community, including the minister, to account when he or she attempts to resolve a disagreement in a way that is disrespectful or harmful. The basic message of the Right Relations Team in such instances is “We don’t treat one another like that here.” The Right Relations Team has no power other than the power of six respected members of the community expressing their disapproval.

        The Right Relations Team is appointed by the Board of Trustees. Criteria for selecting members of the Team include years of experience in a Unitarian Universalist congregation, wisdom, and the respect of fellow members. There are five lay members of the Team and the sixth member is the minister. The team selects its own chairman or chairwoman from among the five lay members.

        The current members of the team are Betty Green, Evan Rivers, Dan Kennedy, Marti King, Barbara Eveleigh, and Rev. Craig Roshaven.

        Philosophy of Religious Education

        We strive to stir the minds of our children to search for what quickens their spirit, and while overcoming prejudice, impartially and conscientiously choose their own path. Unburdened by the imposition of arbitrary rules and rote memorization, we hope to strengthen their powers of thought and awaken their conscience to moral discernment.

          Based on the thoughts of William Ellery Channing
        Description of the Committee & its work:
        Our Religious Education Committee supports the efforts of our Religious Education teachers, Debbie Hanson and Mary Wetzel. We are consistently impressed with the exceptional quality of the religious education program they are developing. Volunteers assist with activity based and age appropriate study. Because the children who attend may be different from one Sunday to the next, materials can be begun and finished in one session. Debbie and Mary plan for an enriched learning environment that includes social action, environmentally sensitive projects, and intergenerational activities some of which include those delightful moments when they share our worship services for Story of All Ages.
        We hope you will offer to help support this program by contacting:
        Debbie Hanson and Mary Wetzel with your suggestions and offering to volunteer.

        email the UU Society in Ormond Beach, FL.

        Social Action and Justice Committee

        Chairman: Patty Devine

        This group focuses on issues brought to the group by its members or through other soures, i.e., UUA or other UU groups. Actions taken are not necessarily supported by the congregation as a whole, although the committee is sensitive to the views of the broader membership of the Society.

        All interested persons are invited to come to participate in determining what will be done and become involved in the subsequent 'doing.' Please contact Patty Devine for time and location of meetings.

        Some key current or ongoing actions of members of the committee include: the following activities:

        Fighting Against Injustice Toward Harmony, a social action group populated by members of 20 congregations in Volusia County, that focuses on identifying systemic social problems, determining potential means for changing the system to solve them, and obtaining commitments from responsible public sources to bring about the necessary change.

        To contact FAITH directly: The FAITH office # is 386-238-7060 The lead organizer is Beth Howard. She can be contacted by anyone interested in helping with the “JOBS” issues or “CRIME AND DRUGS” issue.

        Regarding Affordable Housing Issues Please call: Sara Truhlar ph # 386-405-6946 or email her at : sara@seinsulators.com
        Affordable Housing Committee Meeting Monday, February 19th at 6:30 p.m. at the FAITH office at 219 Magnolia Avenue for anyone interested in getting involved.


        Volusia gets new Mental Health Program for Jail
        Editorial from September 5,2008 Daytona Beach News-Journal.

        posted to the website Sept 10, 2008

        Family Renew, In 1989, our Society was one among 19 churches that formed an ecumenical community concerned about 'The Forgotten Youth' - a plan to provide shelter for homeless families and an attempt to guide and redirect those who were willing to work toward their economic stability. The focus is on assisting families to become independent and self sufficient.

        These founders formed an organization named 'Family Renew Community.' There is a 16-unit former motel in Holly Hill that can provide no-cost temporary shelter for two-parent families. There are also single-parent shelters in Daytona Beach and Deland. Families can stay as long as two years. Last year 40 to 50 families .

        Our Society is represented on the working Family Renew Board of Trustees and provides an advocate for the families.Current President of Family Renew is UUSDBA member Terri Kolaska. To learn more please visit their website. FAMILY RENEW

        On March 17, 2013 Family Renew previewed their new video. You are invited to view it on you tube:


        56 North Halifax Drive
        Ormond Beach FL 32176
        Telephone: (386) 677-6172


        56 North Halifax Drive
        Ormond Beach FL 32176
        Telephone: (386) 677-6172
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