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All YOU have to do is "show up!"  Numbers count at the ACTION ASSEMBLY.  The numbr of people present says to elected officials that this is an important issue to a large number of people in the community. 

Want to know how the process works?  Click Here   

Fighting Against Injustice Toward Harmony. Join us at the Action Assembly: April 7, 2014, 6:30 p.m. at Bethune Cookman Performing Arts
Stay in involved with F.A.I.T.H. - Volusia County's interfaith community-based social action organization. We have joined with over 30 other congregations in our area to tackle local social problems by creating systemic change to assure justice for all. We can meet at 5:30 p.m. at the UU parking lot to car pool from there. As you may already know, in these efforts, NUMBERS COUNT, so plan to join others to show our local politicians how many are concerned about the issue FAITH has chosen to support this year!

MOVIE NIGHT! The Welcoming Congregation Committee will present our second movie night with the movie "The Crying Game" on April 11th at 7 p.m. Refreshments will be available and all are welcome to attend.

The film explores "themes of race, gender, nationality, and sexuality against the backdrop of the Irish Troubles." Don't miss this successful 1992 British psychological thriller about a reluctant agent of the Irish Republican Army and the interesting discussion to follow.

Rita Scheeler

Representing UUSDBA at the UU General Assembly. June 25 to 29. 2014 in Providence , RI Read more about it.

Growing your own food — and having the resources and opportunity to do so — is powerful. Read about 100 Gardens for Haiti . That’s why, this spring, we’re asking you to grow a food garden of your own and sponsor one for a family in Haiti!
Rev. Katherine Jesch and UUSC
Is anyone is interested in joining me on this 100 gardens project?
Patty Devine
Our UU is featured in the Breeze, page 8
Local Artists exhibit at the UU.

Alliance members and friends,
We voted to buy new "UU Principles" charts for our church, after Rev. Craig told us that our existing charts were out of date. We are also buying a children's Principles chart and bookmarks for the RE children.
For our fun outing of the year, we voted to go to Cafe 101 at Daytona State College. We are busy taking reservations for all who would like to attend this excellent luncheon on April 22d.
Jeanne Young
Alliance President
Right Relations Team
It’s inevitable that differences and disagreements will occur in every community, including religious communities. Resolving disagreements, if done respectfully, can strengthen relationships and enhance a congregation’s sense of being a caring community.  Right Relationships are caring and respectful. But sometimes differences are expressed in a way that are harmful, hurtful, and wrong.

The purpose of the Right Relations Team is to call any member of the community, including the minister, to account when he or she attempts to resolve a disagreement in a way that is disrespectful or harmful.  The basic message of the Right Relations Team in such instances is “We don’t treat one another like that here.”

 The Right Relations Team has no power other than the power of six respected members of the community expressing their disapproval.

The Right Relations Team is appointed by the Board of Trustees. Criteria for selecting members of the Team include years of experience in a Unitarian Universalist congregation, wisdom, and the respect of fellow members. There are five lay members of the Team and the sixth member is the minister.  The team selects its own chairman or chairwoman from among the five lay members. 

The current members of the team are Betty Green, Evan Rivers, Dan Kennedy, Marti King, and Barbara Eveleigh.

Denominational News John Horner for the Denominational Affairs Committee

Rev. Craig Roshaven in News Journal Article , December 20, 2013
The Evolution of American Culture  Readings will be available by email or print if you don't have email. There is one session
per month, January through May, on the second Thursday of each month from 7 to 8:30 in room 1 at UU.
Thursday, April 10th-Political Evolution with Jean Scott
Thursday, May 8th-Religious Evolution with Joan Thate

Sessions will be mostly discussion.
Another successful Share The Plate Shoe Project.
All the children at Family Renew Communities received new shoes and socks just before their
first day at school. It's all anonymous and the kids are thrilled.

Thanks to our UU's and their gift giving we have been able to support these children in need since 2006.
Joyce Nelson

Share the Plate Shoe Project

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 6th meet Rev. Craig Roshaven!

Over 100 people attended the "Getting to Know You" evening coordinated by Joan Thate.

An audio of the September 8, 2013
"Come, Come, Whoever You Are" is available on Prior Services .
Rev. Roshaven's biography is on the
Minister's page and his latest JOTTER column is on CRAIG'S COLUMN ....learn
all about our new interim minister!

Cliff Jackson in one of his many valuable roles at UU. Thanks, Cliff!
Oklahoma Relief Fund
Accordingly, in cooperation with our national Association and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC), the Southern Region UUA is establishing a relief fund through which concerned Unitarian Universalists may make donations. Your gifts will be disbursed to appropriate local relief agencies as soon as possible once things become clearer on the ground. We will advise you with updates as we go.
If you would like to make a donation, here's how:
You may send a check to the Regional office, payable to:
UU Oklahoma Relief Fund
c/o P.O. Box 560246
Orlando, FL 32856-0246,
We thank you for your caring.
Rev. Kenn Hurto, Lead Executive, Southern Region UU

Long Term Members Recognized, Sunday March 31, 2013

UU PUBLICITY REQUEST - to request publicity for UU activities, get Publicity Request Form
Forms works only with Office 2007.

What do the colors Red, Green and Yellow have to do with religious Education? Meet our RE teachers Deb Hanson and Mary Virginia Wentzel to find the answer.

Learn the latest
Summary of Bylaws Changes News from Florida District Unitarian Universalist Association - February

If you haven't been to an Alliance meeting recently or read the
UU Minutes you may be pleasantly surprised at all the folks are doing!
To give you a small sampling, take a look at their suggested activities for the coming year: all but one are currently being supported.
UU Alliance suggested projects:
Halifax Urban Ministry (HUM), Second Harvest, Habitat for Humanity, and Caring Through Sharing. Our UU supports HUM on a weekly basis and serves at the STAR center once a month. We donated to Second Harvest earlier this year, and have supported Habitat for Humanity, and Caring Through Sharing. This organization is Ormond Beach based, offering food to people that don't qualify for food stamps, but are in desperate need to feed their families. In addition to the Alliance's current support for Caring Through Sharing, the Alliance has adopted one family to give a box of food to each month.
Perhaps we'll see you at a future meeting. Alliance meets at noon, every second Thursday of the month. No Meetings during the summer. Jeanne Young is the Chairperson.
More about the Alliance

Read the interesting history of The Jotter and it's
award winning logo here.

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, Office of Congregational Stewardship Services is honored to formally recognize the Unitarian Universalist Society of the Daytona Beach Area as an Accredited Green Sanctuary

Accreditation Letter from UUA.

Only 10% of UUA congregations have this recognition.

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FAITH’s past, and ongoing, successes: school reading program; night bus service for hotel workers; expanded health clinic services; affordable housing study group participation; anonymous crime tip cards; jail substance abuse education; jail mental health services improvements. Current project is looking into job placement for those in need.

UU World Magazine
Members who are ready to recycle their copy of the magazine - please bring them to the UUSDBA building to be given to newcomers and visitors.

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