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May 27, Wednesday from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m LIFE-LONG LEARNING -- Slide presentation on India by Mr. Robert Arnettt, the renowned author of India Unveiled and Finders Keepers? --both award-winning books. Join us at UU for a unique sojourn to India, and experience its culture, customs, sacred sites of all major religions, art and architecture, monuments, and other remote sites seldom visited by travelers. After the presentation, enjoy a social hour.

MAY 30, Saturday - Look for Reverend Roshaven's article in the Faith Section of the Daytona Beach News-Journal

 May 31, 12:00 following Sunday Service:  SPECIAL MEETING OF UU CONGREGATION regarding services of a qualified minister details

Prior to the 10:30am service, the Discussion Group meets at 9:15 a.m.  

After the service join us for "Coffee, Cookies and Conversation"


May 24, 2015

9:15 Discussion Group Topic: The Decline in Religious Belief

10:30 Service: -Rev. Craig C. Roshaven: Looking Forward.    

What's next?  Last Sunday’s vote on Rev. LaGrave was difficult in many ways. How do we as a congregation respond to it?  What are we called to do at this time?


       Share-the-Plate Offering with Halifax Urban Ministries         

Service Leader: --Ellen Nielsen 

May 31, 2015  Special Congregational Meeting noon - details

9:15 Discussion Group Topic:  When Does Free Speech Become Hate Speech?

10:30 Service: --Dan Gribbin  “What Constitutes Our Community?” 

Robert Putman’s study Our Kids: the American Dream in Crisis documents the effects of “the neglect of the commons” –the lack of citizen engagement in our civic life.  When children, especially from low income families, lack mentors and guidance, they are especially vulnerable, and our society as a whole will suffer.

Service Leader:  Carolyn West


Service Leader: --Carolyn West

June 7, 2015—

9:15 Discussion Group Topic:

10:30 Service----  Rev. Craig C. Roshaven, “The Larger Circle”    

I believe we live and move in a system so vast that it is beyond imagining, let alone understanding. The connections that caused the universe to come into being and later enabled our distant ancestors in the web of life to move from single cells to multi-cellular creatures, to move from the sea to the land, to move from walking on all fours to creatures with opposable thumbs who are capable of foreseeing one’s death were woven on a loom whose warp is all time and whose woof is all space.

Service Leader: Chris Ringue

June 14, 2015

9:15 Discussion Group Topic:

10:30  Service;  Rev. Craig C. Roshaven, “Be the Change You Want to See”                                                            

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. . . .  We need not wait to see what others do.”  – Gandhi

 Share-the-Plate Offering with F.A.I.T.H. Fighting Against Injustice  Toward Harmony  

Service Leader: Patty Devine

June 21,2015

9:15  Discussion Group Topic:

10;30  Service—Father’s Day Participatory Service

The service will be a look at fathers and fatherhood from the perspectives of four of our members. 

Service Leader:  Ellen Nielsen

June 28, 2015

9:15 Discussion Group Topic:

10:30 Service--- Rev. Craig C. Roshaven, “God, a Biography”   

Jack Miles, author of the Pulitzer Prize winning book, God, a Biography, invites us to reflect on the uniqueness of the God found in the Tanakh, the Jewish scriptures.  God as revealed in the scripture is difficult to know. He has no past.  He doesn't talk to himself but only to humankind. 

Aside from the account of creation, there are no stories of God acting by himself.  God's only way of pursuing an interest is by interacting with humankind. Again and again, God seems displeased, but sometimes it seems that it is only through being surprised that he can learn what it is he does want.  One scholar suggests that God is like a director of a play whose actors never seem to get it right. He is frustrated with them but doesn't seem to know beforehand what getting it right would look like.  Finally, the actors seem to stumble into the right way, and God is satisfied, at least for the moment.  One might imagine that the point of the play is for humankind to become the image of God.  

Service Leader:  Judi McCausland

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